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Kleanmail is a cloud based e-mail validation tool that helps you to cleanse your customer database. It can help you identify the valid and invalid email id’s thus helping you ensure that you send emails only to the right contacts. Not only does this save you the additional costs spent on bounced emails, but more importantly, this effectively saves your domain/ip from being blacklisted by the majority of the email service providers. This would ultimately increase the chances of your promotional emails landing in your customers’ inboxes.

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KleanMail is one of Comsense’s flagship products that empowers companies to maintain email data hygiene. Its a Cloud-based email validation platform that enables you to :

.Deliver directly to main subscriber inbox

.Improve sender reputation

.Protect against getting blacklisted

Thousands of emails can be cleansed with proper reasons listed for invalid emails. KleanMail is a simple, easy & cost-effective platform that helps you to identify the undeliverable e-mail id’s which further helps in drastic reduction of bounce rate and protection of IP reputation.

Kleanmail has in-built greylisting email verification & suppression list cleaning capabilities.

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Key features

Easy to use list validating functionality

e-mail bounce, abuse and spam trap detection

Automatic list validation and verification through MX validator, domain validator, DEA detection

In-built e-mail verification and suppression list cleaning

De-duplication of e-mail addresses

Built-in auto correction to notify users if domains are misspelled

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How does Kleanmail works?

CSV file with the e-mail list that needs to be verified

Upload CSV file to Kleanmail, Kleanmail will process your data to validate e-mail id's

Kleanmail generates a detailed report with valid id's and the Reasons for the bounce


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Best Benefits
By using Kleanmail


Maintain list hygiene by unsubscribing invalid or risky emails.


Improved Quality of data


Data reports that reflect the health of your data


Real time e-mail verification and validation


Improve campaign effectiveness


Improve and increase ROI by not sending emails to invalid users


Improved e-mail deliverability


Maintain healthy domain reputation

Studies 1

A Cab Services giant (10Mn+ Customer Records) boosts email deliverability from 60% to 97%

Business Challenge

• Large number of Email records (10mn+)

• Collection of email ids from disparate sources

• Frequent email bounce & IP reputation issues


• Kleanmail validated email database

• Email cleansing


• Email deliverability boost from 60% to 97%

• 83% lift in email engagement

• 75% increase in response rate

Studies 2

Leading chain of Diagnostic Services achieves 99% email deliverability

Business Challenge

• Issues related to quality of database

• Multiple bounce rates & spams

• IP reputation at stake


• Kleanmail ensured improved quality of database

• Easy automation enabled smooth running of email campaigns

• Real-time analytics to track events


• IP reputation protected

• Increased deliverability from 63% to 99%

• In depth real-time reporting - Open, Clicks, Unsubscribed or Bounced

Frequently Asked Question

Our  Best Reply

Do I need to download and install any software?

No. There is no need to download or install any software to verify email addresses.Kleanmail is an online email verification service. You just have to upload your email list for bulk email verification on our platform.

Will my IP get blocked?

No, your IP will not get blocked. Kleanmail is a web-based email verification service. E-mail verification is done at our end and so your IP is totally secure.

How does it work?

You have to upload a file with the list of email id’s you need to validate. The sample file is available for downloading. Once you upload the file, Kleanmail processes the data and validates the e-mail id’s against all verifications (domain check, spam check, bounce check, etc). After processing the data, it generates the report which specifies the email validity and also the reasons for the invalid email id’s. You just have to download the file and you can separate the valid data for your campaign.

In what format should I upload the email list?

You need to upload the e-mail list in CSV file format. Sample file is available for download.